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The Bumblejax Affect

Why I think Bumblejax Products Are Top of the Line

As a photographer I am always looking for the absolute best products to offer to my clients and for my own work. I have used several print labs over the years, from companies that specialize in online ordering to local print labs whom I've developed a strong relationship with; and they all have great things to offer. However with each piece I have printed for myself or for clients there is always something missing; as if the quality just isnt to the level I need it to be. I constantly strive for the best quality prints I order for my self and my clients and was looking for something better; something really great; so a friend of mine (who is also a photographer) introduced me to Bumblejax. 

In full disclosure I have ordered just one print from Bumblejax but that one print has completely changed my perspective on the type of quality I want with my business. I created an original art piece for a friend and printed it out at 40x30 under acrylic on metallic paper. When I received the print I was BLOWN AWAY! The quality was outstanding and the color and vibrancy were exceptional. The piece blew my mind and it made me start to think about whether I should start using Bumblejax for my business as well. More after the jump.


The obvious first question people ask when it comes to printing is price but I always preach quality this good is worth the extra money. For me, it is more than just what you pay for the print but what you get with that investment; and yes it is an investment. It has been easy these past years to use the same online companies I have because of the ease of use and the quality has matched that; however they do not have the same pop as Bumblejax prints which I have seen from photographers I know who use them. There absolutely is a big difference in my opinion; especially with the speciality products such as metal prints and acrylic. 

If I sound smitten it is because I am. Ever since my one print and those I have seen from others, I have been wanting show my clients the extra money is worth it because their images will shine like no other. I am in the process of ordering more images soon and will absolutely be using Bumblejax in the future for mine and my client's printing needs. So in closing you will see more and more of my clients using Bumblejax and I recommend you start using em too.